Hey, merry christmas, Happy new year and all that!!,2013 is here. The long blog-silence is because editing a film takes insane amount of work, but at the same time maybe not that storytelling worthy. It´s going great though, the intro is almost ready(after about two months of CGI learning and animating) and the film itself is maybe around 70% rough-cutted. Still much work to be done.

My American Producer, Barbro Rakos tells me that there is some growing interest for this film in the west. Rumor has it there will be some big blogs featuring my project HEILD. Also there will be a digital convention of some sort in Washington, where material from Iceland will be premiered and shown multiply times, they contacted an Icelander out in the USA, which then contacted me after viewing some of my recent work. Could be interesting to premiere a sequence from HEILD at these events.

Regarding sound scores for the film, I have a few composers and musicians right here in Reykjavik, Friðjón Jónsson is one of them, and he already started working on this project. other local artists which will also manage some scoring for the visuals, but then I´m also planing other material from abroad.

Well, lets get back to work….ps:this post is written at 5:02AM hah.

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