Further Experiments and TV

Lately I´ve been trying to use my jibcrane for timelapse making. I had two tries at this activity, one with the Canon 350D using my computer as the interval timer, and another one using the Sony SR1, recording video. The first test shoot(with 350D) took place at the sea in Garðabær, Iceland. There was a little wind blowing so the sunset shot I was trying to capture ended up being too shaky. Another thing went wrong as well. The Lego timelapse module didn´t handle the pull downwards so some pieces gave up and broke in the end of the move. Beautiful sunset though..bummer. The second try went differently, I had a videocamera with the stabilizing system set on to minimize possible shake , I rebuilt the timelapse module it´s now stronger than before and third, there was no wind blowing this time. Although the video-timelapse went better and was an easier setup, using DSLR´s is to me after trying it, the only way to go.

Behind scenes and some results available HERE.

My newest video “TPS Timescape” has caught the eye of a Canadian TV channel. The channel is called TV5 and is situated in Montreal, Canada. They will be using some of the nightsky shots from the video for a documentary series about the moon and space. The series will air in fall.


  1. I’m a extended time back I study your weblog and it has extended been stating that you are a terrific writer

  2. thanks, já það verður gaman að sjá þáttinn, þeir senda mér link á hann þegar hann er tilbúinn.

  3. allt exposure er gott exposure, congrats dude!

  4. takk fyrir það, já hún fann þetta á vimeo, já ég fæ 2 million dollars..nei ok ég fæ bara publicity og kem í creditlistanum og svoleiðis, þetta er víst einhver svona non profit stöð eða eitthvað

  5. hvernig í fjandanum fann kanadísk sjónvarpsstöð þetta video…og færðu borgað fyrir þetta?

    ps. NÆS ONE

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