4K is coming. Also coming are Next Level Leg-Braces.

Upgrade from 1080p is not to distant here at TPS, according to news of a new Raw external recorder / 7″HD monitor are true. According to the sources, this device – attached to the awesome Fs700 can record 2K Raw up to 240fps CONTINUOUS, also 4K Raw up to 60fps, and  120fps for 4 seconds buffered. This is a huge upgrade for this camera to say the least. It transforms it from an affordable awesome 35mm digital cinema camera to a complete 4K beast with all Raw capabilities and 15 stops of dynamic range. More info on this game changer HERE.



Other very interesting products and current projects are THIS next level forearm crutch from a very cool, original company. And of course the co-operation with Össur is ongoing, we have plans of two different prototypes of dynamic new-age leg-braces, the more advanced with Össur´s successful Power-Knee technology using sensors and artificial intelligence.

There is constantly something exiting happening… and thats how it should be.

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