Adapting to Life and Summer Plans

I´m currently in the process of moving out of the rehabilitation center here in Reykjavík, Iceland. I´ve learned all the wheelchair techniques and moves and ready to go. I already found an appartment with Anna, a super nice, bright,  central appartment. According to my physiotherapist I´ve set a record as a fast adapter and learner and broke the record for moving out the soonest. Maybe not the most wanted record to have, but good for a laugh if you´re in this kind of situation.

I´ll continue to visit the rehabilitation center every day until spring time, in my freetime until then I´ll start the preproduction stage on my next project. Preproduction for this projcet involves scriptwriting, location scouting and alot of garage work, I need more dollies, a big one to sit on with maybe the ability to ride on curved tracks, and a 3-axis motorized one, my jibcrane needs a few upgrades, and I need to build a mattebox with a railsystem for the Nxcam. The plan is to start shooting in april/may here in Reykjavík and move to the countryside in july and shoot till fall.  More details about this huge project coming soon.

There is a group of goodhearted photographers that are currently gathering money to buy me the super insane fullframe Canon EOS 5DmarkII with the 24-105mm F4 L series lens. If this works out(and man I´m hoping) this summer will be epic, filming on the 5DmarkII and the Sony NXCAM. Very exiting indeed and big thumps up and thanks to Benedikt Finnbogi and his friends for their great effort. If you want to make a contribution, please visit their website HERE or at

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