Awake for a Week

I´m currently in Reykjavik and there happened to be sunny, clear blue skies and in the night time bright stars, a full moon and amazing northen lights for almost a week, Of course I took advantage of the conditions and stayed out all nights in and around Þingvellir and shot motion astro timelapses with the V3 there. Thanks goes to my friends Snorri for assistance and good company, My brother Helgi, Carina and finally Baldur for the artistic insight, his framing and assistance. Filmmaker Gunnar Konrads joined me as well for a night for our first shoot together, got two shots in stead of one that night because he has a 5DmarkII as well.  I´ve put together the results and I think it´s safe to say that I´ve never seen Þingvellir like this before..

I wont publish any footage yet, but a glimpse of these shots will be in the official trailer for my film:” The Play Of Light” which will release on the 3rd of October .. not to disappoint to much I´ve uploaded a video of a 2-axis test-shot in my livingroom with a guitar-head in the main role…available HERE or simply below..

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