Back at home doing nerdy stuff..

Well, now I´m back home in Iceland after a little trip to Austria, I have to say I´m quite satisfied, we drank a lot of my favorite beer, the Austrian Zipfer, we had slushy summery like days  and sunny powder runs in the trees. That was all indeed very nice.

But now it´s back to work. I´m currently rendering a little “behind the scenes” video from the backcountry session in Northen Norway, it will be up on the site shortly.

Like mentioned before, my new jibcrane is functional and ready for operation. Very soon I will post a complete assembly/test video with it. Now the only thing missing are a 3m LANC cable for the remote control and a monitor so I can frame my shots properly. I´ll order these items when I have the time and money. I also still have to build a tilt system for it, right now the camera is always leveled when using the crane but no tilting.

I ordered some motors and gears from ebay. The parts will be arriving here in a few days, When they do, I´ll just have to attach them together in the right way, and connect them to my track dolly, It then hopefully works as a multi purpose motorized dolly. It will be very interesting what´s possible with that thing, especially in timelapse-photography. Would be amazing to be able to connect the motorsystem to the jibcrane as well, I don´t know if that will work but I have some ideas how it might.

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