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whats up?, actually a lot is up, I´m currently editing the footage from the Mountain Brother Misson, going slow but steady. I most definitely have a new huge job in august, a meeting is scheduled in Höfn(where the project takes place) this month. 5 – 10th of may me and Helgi are joining my good friend Ingo on a Heli/snowmobile trip north. We´re exchanging footage for airtime on the helicopter with a company called Arctic Heliskiing. Very exiting.

Tomorrow I´ll sit a meeting with specialists from the artificial limb company Össur, where we will dive into designs and ideas of a pair of new leg braces for me. Current braces are ether stiff or loose, so walking is kind of awkward. The new desing is going to be a Stace-controlled KAFO(Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthoses) where the knee joint flexes in every step. The system has 3 different settings, locked, loose or on automatic. Allows for a much smoother walking and gait pattern. And hopefully with time, loose the crutches, one by one.

I took some shots of my newest build, the suction cup HDD gyroscope car-mount gimball aka “The Gimball” Check them out below.

And last but not least I just bought a retro German “91” Burstner trailer, ready for the road. I was planing on buying one in Germany but came a cross this one here in Reykjavik, which is quite lucky. It was imported from Holland in 2006 and in fine shape. Now all I have to do is to mark our logo on the sides and drive away. A big part of this summer is going to be spent on the road with the goal of finishing the shooting for my film HEILD and My Own Road, a documentary from my spanish amigo, cinematographer and filmmaker Enrique Pacheco. His film focuses on how we shoot HEILD while I´m fighting a severe spinal cord injury. Meanwhile I´ll do some jobs here and there. I plan on editing and doing most of the post production on HEILD in the new TPS Studio which is the trailer below. I want it ready and premiered in december 2012.

Exiting to be back to the origin with TPS. What beats living in a mobile home anyway?

[cincopa AIHAh46Dn80A]

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