Many TPS emails and meetings have taken place in the last month. These are the beginnings of hopefully great and beneficial co-operations. I.e we are going to work with Gogoyoko (An Icelandic music distribution company). The co-op with them is starting now in spring, where we want to create an ultimate usb stick featuring iceland, both audio, interviews with Icelandic artists as well as visuals from us here at TPS. This service will mainly be for tourists but also for Icelanders.

Currently in pre-production of a German music video that will be shot in mid april. I was hired as the DOP. This production is in the hands of No Rational Product situated in Hamburg Germany.

My non-narrative project HEILD is also progressing. Latest co-op here is with an artist called ProfessorKliq. He will most likely be scoring and creating some of the film´s atmospheric ambience sounds. Already I have sequences mixed with his older audio work, and it looks excellent to say the least.

Sequences that reach almost an hour(some roughly edited and some polished) are now on my main timeline in this enormous project. Of course still much work left.

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