Cooperation, TV And Still Shooting

I´m back from a week film-trip in North Iceland with great company and assistance from my awesome mom. The weather could have been better but I definitely shot some usable footage for my film. Which by the way has a new working title..”The Play Of Light” or in Icelandic..”Leikrit LjóSsins”

I´m happy to announce that I´ve started a cooperation with Box Of Toys Audio, a creative sound company based in London, (of course they are on Vimeo) where they have an amazing collection of creative Musical scores, SFX and all around impressive audio. Box Of Toys are going to create the music score and sound effects for my film, at least a good part of it.

I´m also happy to announce that I´ve started another cooperation with a fellow Icelandic Filmmaker named Gunnar Konráðsson, (which is on Vimeo as well of course) he has a degree and years of experience as an editor and has a very cinematic and creative style of shooting nature with HDSLR cameras. Our focuses and shooting styles are similar so I think with him on the team we can really create “next level material”.

Channel 2 here in Iceland, the biggest private TV station in Iceland have TV series called Sjálfstætt Fólk (which is an avard winning docu program following interesting people). It has been aired for more than 10 years and this year the first episode airs on the 25th of September. The Sunday Second of October they will air on primetime an episode about me making my film in a wheelchair. They followed us filming in the westfjords, they have interviews and daily live stuff. They will also premiere the first teaser for my film, a 50sek piece. I´m currently working on the official teaser which will be around 90sek as I found the limitation of 50sek a little to short. The longer version will be online as soon as their episode has aired.

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