Delays and Dollies

We started the roadtrip on the 9th as planed, I did one 2-axis shot on the new V3 with the 5DMKII mounted on top  and a short shooting session on the Nxcam in Landmannalaugar. First day of shooting nature for Natural Lights went great, the second?… not so much. I took a bath in Landmannalaugar´s hot pool, got to close to the hot intake creek and burned my paralyzed ass. We found out the next day, as one of my ass cheeks was completely blistered, red, blue and swollen. This was a serious second degree burn. I was instantly transported to Reykjavik for hospital treatment. 2011 seems not my year.

I´ve been lying on my stomach for 4 days now, and there´s still a week to go. The new departure date for the roadtrip is 21st of july, and be out til 6th of august. Then straight to trip II till 20th of august. On 22nd my filmmaking school starts, and I can´t wait.

The new dollies are finally finished after many sunrise to sunset working days at the garage. I received much appreciated help from my friends: Snorri, Stebbi, the Boggi´s(both of them) Julius and my brother Loftur. Many thanks to these fine gentlemen. More info on the V3 HERE. But atlast, a few shots of the Motorized V3 aka Dolly Parton:

[cincopa A4HAmr65uay2]

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