Editing on HElLD has begun.

As the title of this post implies, the post production on HEILD has begun, and what an enormous puzzle that this project is, cinematography for the film has now taken more than 1.5 years. The post production is scheduled to take another 6 months. Maybe not that news-worthy and exiting to read, simply an enormous amount of work.

What else is up? We´re cooperating with Reykjavik Grapevine, shooting some turist friendly footage for them, We´ve also rented out our new Sony Fs700 to Luxor. They tested it out the other day shooting, grading etc and apparently were quite impressed with its capabilities. They told me that the Fs700 was comparable to RED footage for post production, the good thing about this is, We own the only one in Iceland and we rent it out cheaper than the higher end cameras like RED and Arri Alexa.

Just today I sold Sjáreinn(a local tv station here in Iceland) some timelapse footage for a series they´re making at the moment called Óupplýst. Apparently the series is about ghosts and unexplained things and beings.

Thats it for now, the website has been a little quiet these days, my apologies but this is only because editing isn´t the most exiting stuff to write and read about, although in HEILD the edit is maybe even the most important part.


  1. sælir Halldór, við þyrftum klárlega að jafnvel taka einn skype fund eða svo…

  2. That´s a load of awesome news Pétur! And a load of work ahead of you! (veit ekki afhverju ég er ad skrifa til thín á ensku… eigum vid ekki ad fara ad hittast á facebook chatinu eda skype eda eitthvad fljótlega?)

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