Editing, shooting, shooting more and editing.

Editing, shooting, shooting more and editing.

Still editing HEILD but I also now have a deadline on a 10min music video for Fjallabraedur choir. They´ve recorded 10% of the population of Iceland singing in their newest song called “Þjóðlagið” or Nation-song. I´ll have it ready in late november. The whole project(visuals and song) will be premiered in Kastljós in its full length +  a interview with Halldor Gunnar, the brain behind the project. Then a little later in december a documentary, behind the making of the whole project will premiere in Ruv, the national tv station in Iceland. The documentary is directed by Johannes Kr. Kristjansson(Kompás, stöð 2, etc.)



Although I planned this fall to be calm and quiet, there has a lot been going on, I shot a whole sequence for HEILD in one day on my new baby the Sony nex-Fs700 in Lakagigar, east Iceland. Also gathered some autumn footage in a 3 day solo-trip to Þingvellir National park. + finished shooting the night sky and northen lights shots, came home from there with two shots involving billion stars, our galaxy the Milky way, crazy, all directional clouds and glowing northen lights..


My newest trip and also the biggest was with my mates from Arctic Surfers, Ingo Olsen, Steinar Lár and Erlendur Þór. Ingo and Steinar were the guides, I was the filmmaker and Elli did photography. What did we do?.. we spent 6 days with a few of the worlds best female surfers. Shooting them from airplanes, cars and other gear. They were super fun and their style on the surfboard was jaw-dropping to say the least. I kind of had a crush on all of them.

I got some decent surf-footage from the westfjords and the south in 60-240fps. I´m currently dealing with the sponsors of the girls for selling them the material. Non-exclusive use of course as there will be a surf sequence in HEILD as well.

Together with my friend Skapti M. Birgisson(co-owner of the Fs700) we´re developing concepts and the treatment for his documentary on the making of HEILD and spinal cord injury research. In the film We watch closely how I learn slowly to walk again, retiring my wheelchair and designing new-age stance controlled legbraces. Working titled “State Of The Art”, we have big things planned for this one. The film will be premiered together with HEILD early 2013.

Here is more info on two of the awesome before mentioned professional surf girls.



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