Filmwork and NX files

I made a new page inside “test&tools” called the nxcam, there I put in a few raw .mts files straight out of the camera available for download. With time I´ll throw in some speculations and thoughts on the cam  as well. Visit the page HERE.

Last Saturday I took part in making a music video for a band called Promenade. Together with fellow filmmaker Georgie Uris we filmed the band and a story about broken love on the Canon 550D. We were working from early Saturday night till sunrise on Sunday. In the process we used a lot of toys, some Leica cinema lenses, a underwater housing, a steadycam steeringwheel, flashlights and other things, it was interesting and a lots of fun. There is another project coming up soon, it´s some kind of ad or spot for Amnesty International but honestly I´m not sure enough how or when it´s going to happen yet, more about it when it´s closer.

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