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I´ve been thinking more about the bullet time idea, we´re hopefully taking the process to the next level as we “supposably” have gotten a budget to buy all of the dslr´s that we need, funded by another project I´m involved in, a huge big budget documentary, more about that later as the process continues. But also my brother Loftur is and electric engineer and offered to make a control board where we can connect, control and shoot from all the cameras at once or with some milliseconds in between for making super slow motion timeslice-ing. Very Exiting.

When I have time I´m working in the garage making a few rod support systems out of my favorite material aluminium. Once they are ready we can mount almost anything onto our camera rigs, like matteboxes, filters and follow focus equipment. I´m also prepping the rails for the V2 dolly, I´m starting with thick 4.5m angle-tracks in three portable 1.5m bits. Testing of the V2 is on the schedule.

Photos of the SR1(RIP) and maybe from the balloney trip coming soon along with some bullet time software testing.

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  1. Aluminuminuminum!

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