Grimsvötn Volcano

Here we go again, Iceland has begun a new volcano, they say this one seems to be 10 times as powerful as the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last year. We had to see it for ourselves so we packed up my new Pajero Sport aka “Baltasar” and headed east. On our way we got the update that the police had closed the main road in Vík because of a huge ash cloud covering the whole area, so we changed our plan, turned off the main road, through Árnes and finally arrived in the wilderness driving the route through Sprengisandur heading northeast along Vatnajökull. We had blue skies and sun but just a few km away on our right we saw the huge ashcloud, moving closer and eating up the landscape like a black hole in space. I had to shoot timelapses of this weird phenomenon. We took some photos on the 550D, took some more and shot a few timelapses on my 5D Mark II. We then decided to head back south due to the snow increasing and low fuel level. As we headed back Sprengisand we had no chance of escaping the huge ash cloud, so we drove right into it. At first it was interesting, then it became dark, and then it became darker.  We drove further in, it was pitch black. I have never seen blackness like that before, the wind was blowing as well so we could not see 2m from the car. We were basically driving blind on a bad road. Together with a big 38″ Nissan Patrol we drove back in blindness,  having trouble driving into river cracks in the bad road, one being so deep it almost made the Patrol roll over. We managed to get out but it took its time. 15km in 4 hours. We almost ran out of gas, we got stopped by the police in Selfoss which was a ghosttown because of the ash, but eventually we got home, starving and completely exhausted. Mission Accomplished.

Photos, BTS videos and some glimpse at the timelapses coming soon.

Update: Grimsvotn Ash Cloud Timelapse ready and uploaded:


  1. coming up..

  2. Sounds epic! Videos please!

  3. Epískt! Hlakka til að sjá afraksturinn.

  4. hvar værum við ánans?

  5. meistari baltasar

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