HEILD Is Ready.

I have completed Iceland´s first full-feature, non-narrative film. It has taken over three hard years to make. 2.5 years out shooting in Iceland, and 1.5 years of editing and post-production. This is by far the biggest project TPS has ever produced. The film has a whopping length of 70 minutes and was set out to present Iceland in a way it has never been presented before, using many elements of higher-end cinematography.
This goal has been accomplished by shooting in known- and more remote locations around the whole island, using motion-controlled time-lapse, super slow-motion, aerial material along with many other techniques… this + a very time-consuming editorial work has taken three years, around 50.000 km and an extremely low budget of about 65.000$(estimated) due to myself doing most of the work.

And now finally.. we will premiere, as of now most likely in Háskólabíó or Smárabíó, Rvk, Iceland.

Right Now we are attending meetings with various cinemas, + other firms and organizations who might be interested in and benefit from this project, as it is perfect for Icelandic tourism exploitation, presenting Iceland in this non-verbal way, allowing humanity as a whole to experience and feel the power of this magnificent country.

The new Theatrical Trailer along with a HEILD premiere date will be here and everywhere online, very shortly.

For now I am retired. Thank you all, the journey has been great.
Petur K. Gudmundsson


  1. Is the movie available for purchase as a DVD only for personal viewing in the USA. I would love to have a copy!

  2. Hi, Daniel.

    hopefully we will air at some film festivals in the US.

  3. Any chance of a theatrical showing in the US?

  4. Nice!!!!!! Lookin fwd to see and hear!!!! 🙂

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