HEILD, The Production

I received an email from my producer in the USA, Barbro Rakos.. She is working with various publishing firms and companies from around the world, I´ll let the letter talk for itself.


YAY!!!!!!!! This is great news!!!


So I guess I need to follow up pretty much right away. I’m on this.


This is getting official now. Speaking of contracts, I should probably write one up between us, just so we are both friends by the end of all this. I’ll draft something short and sweet, and send it to you.


OK, more about me & the blogs… there was an Iceland travel blog interested in you awhile back (tinyiceland.com) and they have contacted me for follow up. I just heard from them today, in fact. Not sure what their publication plan is yet.


Another mobile art blog (wearejuxt.com) contacted me for an interview about my involvement in this project. That will take place sometime in March.


Also, we still have a place in Instagramers.com heart. They want to report on your progress as soon as I have some news for them.


You also still have new fans in Switzerland…


…and I haven’t even really been working that hard on anything. That’s how crazy awesome this is.


I am taking some time off work to heal up from some health issues. Nothing horrible, I just had a couple of freak injuries, and need some time to recover. It’s made me rethink a lot of things. To pass the time, I’m in a filmmaking class with Linas Phillips.


…oh, and I’m talking with the Seattle Film & Music Commission and SubPop records. Hoping to find inroads to Hans Z. I’ll also check with Linas. He had a film at Sundance so he might know something…


So:  that was kind of long. I promised myself I’d take this first week a bit easy, but I’ll get to work on this Japanese follow up, as well as writing up a brief agreement between us.


Also:  I want to follow up with you and where you are on this project. I’ll send you a few interview questions. You’ll be begging me to shut up pretty soon.


Take care. I’m so excited for you! Hooray for Mono.




These seem to be the latest news here at TPS.

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