TrailerPark Studios grows.

A new TrailerPark Studios blogsite has aired. The old one was getting a little tired. My focus on things has changed as well, was all about stories from traveling, snowboarding, drinking cheap beer, eating cup noodles in wierd places and I happened to have my videocamera with me at all times. Now don´t get me wrong, I still enjoy doing fun missions, and I had an awesome time doing all those things, traveling around the whole world, living cheap, working only minimum, be a snowboard bum.. basically just have good old fashion fun, it was all about just that and I loved it. But I´ve also learnt alot in the past few years, and one of the things I´ve learned is my passion for filming grows bigger every year. And that is going to be the main focus on this website, everything related to filmmaking.

I will of course keep on producing videos, maybe with a little different direction or perspective than before, I want to go deeper into cinematography, deeper into timelapse photography, learn more, read more, enhance my filming techniques, master different camera gadgets and study advanced  post production applications. I also want to upgrade my equipment this year into something bigger and better, my little Sony SR1 has done it´s job, I still love it and I´ve accessorized it to its absolute limit, but the manual controls and functions are just to limited, I just need more buttons and options.

If you are into filming, I hope you can learn or share something here, with this being a wordpress type website, it´s so much easier to interact with comments or by  subscribing.

So read on, comment or register and follow us but most importantly.. Support the global happiness!!!


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