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Everything is boiling with TPS these days as more and more projects are coming into play. As noted before the big Fjallabrædur project is in pre-production, (a meeting scheduled on monday) two ongoing projects in cooperation with Borgarmynd Ehf. A short docu about the artists making a totally awesome map of whole Iceland… made by hand + another photographic project connected to the map, create and deliver timelapse footage for Sagafilm, (material for the music video to the Icelandic song in the Eurovision 2012) , Sagafilm is a well known Reykjavik based film company, we sat a meeting with the director and production crew on Thursday. Finally I was hired to take some wedding photographs of a foreign couple coming here in spring. So TPS has plenty to do these days, maybe we need a bigger staff.. 🙂

In between we´re  shooting for our long term project, the first Icelandic non-narrative film HEILD, like last night were we set up a 2-axis timelapse shot at the pond in Reykjavik center. I´ve been waiting months for this special location that I had in mind as the conditions had to be just right, I wanted clear night skies with moonshine, on a Saturday night when people party and no wind as the pond had to be calm to mirror the city lights. Last night we got all of those elements. (Not easy here in Iceland). So hopefully the shot turns out as a winner. Additionally after finishing up the 3 hour+  shot at 5:30 am I went solo to Kársnes, Kópavogur to get a fresh angle at Reykjavik during night time and later around 7:00 am shot footage of night turn into day, In beautiful morning light.

I updated the V3 motion dolly as well the other day down in the garage, the on-tripod mounts were not very handy and a little awkward to handle, so I removed them and welded new more durable plate-mounts on the tracks with tripod plate threads so the plate just screws and slips right into the tripod. A big time saver and makes setup much easier. I also altered the main power cable on the V3, I soldered a new cable into the existing one to power the Orion head from the 12volt battery, instead of powering the head from 8 AA batteries. Now the whole system is run by the same big battery, much more reliable and if the 12v battery runs out of juice the AA batteries serve as a substitute. I did a testdrive of the new modifications yesterday, everything worked as expected so I shot a little video of the V3 in action..

I think that´s about it today…some links, pics and videos coming soon..


  1. satt, alveg nánast of mikið maður fack haha

  2. Fullt í gangi! Snilld 🙂

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