Macs, Snowstorms and Deals

I´ve finally converted to Mac, thanks to an awesome cooperation with Macland. They offered me a great deal on a specialized 15″ Macbook Pro i7 2.5 quad core laptop, and wow what a workhorse!,(further details on the beast HERE) all my exporting and rendering just got 10x times faster than before. Converting to Mac means switching the NLE program, and I´ve decided to go Adobe all the way. Continuing with Lightroom and switching from Sony Vegas to Premiere Pro, and adding After Effects to the workflow. I´d like to dive deeper into special effects work and 3D graphic design.

I´ve sealed the deal with Red Marble Media and sold them circa 45 seconds of footage, a mix from older videos and short films. Also in the process of selling some forest footage to India, nothing confirmed yet though.

The winter has come here in Reykjavik, Iceland. It´s snowing everywhere, and snow has been lying here in Reykjavik for more than two weeks now and it seems that we´ll have white christmas for a change. A nice suprise. There is one downside to the snow.. my wheelchair, a pain in the ass to be wheeling around in the snow so I´ve kind of retired the chair, I use my braces with a pair of crutches most of the time now when I go out of the house, it´s nicer anyway to be standing up, and walking is of course the way to my complete recovery. I´ve also got my hands on new “wintershoes” for my car Baltasar, Bf Goodrich mud terrain, should come in handy in the snow and the mountains. There is going to be a winter sequence in my film HEILD and I´m looking forward to shooting it.

Last but not least Marry Christmas everyone!

Below are a few shots from this and that

[cincopa AIAAzwKnkimC]

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