More Snow, Tests & Tools

As probably noted before, I´m a big fan of the garage and keeping myself busy building various DIY projects between shooting videos. I built the V2 Dolly along with Boggi last summer but didn´t have time to finish the tracks nor make a video on it until now, so HERE it is. I also finished another tool the other day. A rail/rod support system made to hold long lenses and various gear, follow focus, matte boxes, monitor mounts etc. I figured I desperately needed this to hold the 500mm Hasselblad lens steady. I did some tests with the lens as seen in the last blog post but they were soft and shaken. But now after installing the rod support the lens is steady as a rock. Some samples and pics of the system below.

TPS went to Siglufjördur in north Iceland last weekend. We were hired to direct, shoot and edit a 10minute short film about the snowboard event taking place there. Directed and edited by Addi Additionaly to the shooting, we had amazing fun over there. See the video from SigloSession HERE. Or simply below:

We´re still dealing with Fjallabræður choir for a two week roadtrip around Iceland to shoot an epic nature music video to their newest song. If we go as planned we´ll departure Reykjavik next weekend or the 18th of February. More news on this after next TPS meeting with Fjallabræður on thursday.

Few shots of some tests and tools:

[cincopa A0NAm1ar084s]

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