Never nothing going on…

Never nothing going on…

TPS has been really busy these past few weeks. Of course the post production of HEILD, which is going good, is taking most of our time. Color grading, sound mastering and stuff like that seems to take forever and Mike is working very hard on finishing the score. The theatrical trailer should be ready in next week.

As well as the post-production of HEILD Arnþór has been busy filming and editing all sort of stuff. One project is filming a seminars for athletic coaches. You can get more info about this seminar on Below is an ad for that seminar.

Another project Arnþór is been busy working on is for the ad agency Fíton for 10-11 and Coke Zero. A playstation VITA give-away in the 10-11 stores.

We are also working on some other project that we can’t enclosure right now and as always out shooting stock footage.

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