New Aluminium Dollies, The v2 & v3

I´m building two new aluminium dollies at the moment with my friends Borgthor and Julius, (much respect and appreciation to them for helping me out by the way!) and of course I´m recording a making of video as the building moves forward, I call the new dollies v2 and v3. The v2 is a 120cm x 68cm platform dolly for a seated operator + tripod and circular motion-able wheel system for the ability to ride on curved track which will most likely be bent pvc piping. So far we´ve welded and built the frame and started on the wheel system.

The v3 on the other hand is a much smaller and more mobile piece and mainly made for 1-3 axis motorized timelapse moves, (however real time moves are also possible). We already built the track for it, four 1.5m (track length is 3m in total) rectangle alu frames positioned like diamonds against each other and welded together on 40cm alu pipes. The wheel system is going to be similar as on the v2, but just ride on the outside of the two rectangles so it gets kind of clamped onto the frame for maximum stability, very handy in Iceland´s sometimes windy conditions. We already have the motors for it as well, the dolly engine will be an electric car window dc motor and driven with an omega belt drive, while the pan/tilt head is a motorized Orion telescope mount. The plan is to make the two pieces work together + the interval trigger on the dslr, all commanded by one arduino. I´ll keep recording the process and when we´re done I´ll post the making of videos + some test shots right here on the website.

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