New Gadgets

I took my new jibcrane for a testshoot and filmed a little stream with it, the short video also shows how the jib looks and works. I wanted to make a tutorial how to make this jib but I didn´t have the time for it. Check out the video HERE.

I finally received the motors and gears I ordered from ebay. The stuff is Lego so I dug up the Lego from my childhood and began to build a “timelapse module”.  It works like this: There is a rechargeable lithium battery with seven speed adjustments for both directions, the motor sits next to it. Connected to the motor is an axle with a  wormgear on the end. Then the motion goes through a few bigger and smaller gears and finally the dolly will be towed with a string on an axle attached to the last gear on the module. It basically looks like a big lego clock. I´ve tested it already and the footage looked good but not good enaugh. I will do further tests with it, I have some ideas how to make the results look perfect. As soon as I´ll succeed I´ll put up the results on the site.

The behind the scenes video of the Northen Norway bc kicker session is ready and will be on the site before the weekend is over.

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