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Pétur K. Guðmundsson talking on TEDx Reykavík

Pétur K. Guðmundsson talking on TEDx Reykavík

Our very own owner/producer/director Pétur K. Guðmundsson had a lecture at TEDx conference at Harpa music and conference hall in Reykjavík, Iceland few weeks ago. It’s about his spinal cord injury and a bright future in recovery.   Pétur speaks about how we currently are handling the issue of spinal cord injury and why we are doing […]

Pre-screening and plenty of stuff going on

Pre-screening and plenty of stuff going on

The premiere for Heild will be on friday and we can not wait until then. But we also have had an ‘only invites’ pre-screening in Háskólabíó last wednesday. Everyone seemed happy at the end and we have only gotten great response. In other news, we have been shooting a lot of auroras last months and […]

Testing the Canon C100

This is just a small test that I made with the Canon C100. I have to say that I enjoyed many of it’s features like the waveform on the monitor and the nd-filters for example. I was a DP for a short film and we used this camera. I really liked the outcome of the […]

The theatrical trailer is online

Finally we can showcase our theatrical trailer for HEILD. HEILD – Theatrical Trailer from Petur K. Gudmundsson on Vimeo. The film it self is ready as well and we are in talks with distribution companies for cinema release. We are hoping that we can release it in the middle of this month.

HEILD Is Ready.

I have completed Iceland´s first full-feature, non-narrative film. It has taken over three hard years to make. 2.5 years out shooting in Iceland, and 1.5 years of editing and post-production. This is by far the biggest project TPS has ever produced. The film has a whopping length of 70 minutes and was set out to […]