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We´re now about a month into shooting for the Project, we´re filming most days, at least when it´s partly sunny or blue skies, or when the light is right. We´ve been shooting a lot of timelapses on the 5DMarkII lately for the “city sequence” of the film. We still have about two weeks left of […]

Grimsvötn Volcano

Here we go again, Iceland has begun a new volcano, they say this one seems to be 10 times as powerful as the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last year. We had to see it for ourselves so we packed up my new Pajero Sport aka “Baltasar” and headed east. On our way we got the update that […]

Testing New Gear

Yesterday I received the rest of the items I ordered online from B&H New York. The 7″ Marshall field monitor and the accessories that come with it, batteries, mounting gear etc. Yesterday I also received the Canon EOS 5D Mark II + 24-105mm f4 L series lens, part as a gift from Nýherji/Sense and part […]

New Aluminium Dollies, The v2 & v3

I´m building two new aluminium dollies at the moment with my friends Borgthor and Julius, (much respect and appreciation to them for helping me out by the way!) and of course I´m recording a making of video as the building moves forward, I call the new dollies v2 and v3. The v2 is a 120cm […]

Upcoming Project and Plans

I´m currently in the pre-production stage of my next project. It is most likely going to be a big one. I´m currently writing a script/skeleton and a location and shot list for it, I´m building together with my friend Julius a 3-axis motorized motion dolly out of aluminium, I´ve taken test flights with an aim […]


We moved into the apartment here in Reykjavík. All our furniture is from second hand stores, gifts or borrowed, and everything is in different colors. One word for our crib..awesome. My heavy rehab program still goes on full throttle, I walk strapped in a Locomat robot twice a week, swim and train with physiotherapy five […]