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Adapting to Life and Summer Plans

I´m currently in the process of moving out of the rehabilitation center here in Reykjavík, Iceland. I´ve learned all the wheelchair techniques and moves and ready to go. I already found an appartment with Anna, a super nice, bright,  central appartment. According to my physiotherapist I´ve set a record as a fast adapter and learner […]

Changed Life

The year 2011 has come, with probably the worst imaginable beginning for me. I was partying on new years eve with my friends, we were celebrating and watching the fireworks from the base of the skiresort Nordpark, just above Innsbruck, Austria.  After the show I decided to walk down to Innsbruck with my friend Kristinn, […]

Innsbruck, Austria

We were going to work in Mayrhofen but suddenly our upcoming boss turned into a retard, leaving us unemployed. We waited there for a month to start working but finally a couple of days before it was supposed to begin the boss bailed on us. So we left Mayrhofen and moved to Innsbruck. Here I […]

Amnesty International Shoot

Georgie Uris has uploaded the ad for Amnesty International where I was somewhat in control of the camera, motion and angles. I also shot a little behind the scenes clip during the session. Check out the Amnesty ad HERE and the behind scenes clip HERE.

Autumn Forest

I´ve uploaded a new short clip where I was playing around with the dolly and the jibcrane in a small forest next to the appartment we´re currently living in here in Mayrhofen. We don´t have much to do these days so I decided to go out and film with the toys. I called the clip Herbst […]

Back In The Mountains

We have moved to the Austrian alps, a place that means a lot to me. This time it seems we´re not going to live in Innsbruck though, We got a job in a hotel in Mayrhofen, so we´ll most likely spend the winter here and save up some money. The job starts in december, quiet […]