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Updates from Spain

Well not much happening at the moment, We (me and Anna) are relaxing in Barcelona and trying to improve our Spanish. I´m waiting very exited to start my filmstudies in October. Not much has happened filmwise since Iceland Images but here is something: Addi uploaded to vimeo a clip from our first ever video, watching […]

Iceland Images

The nonverbal short film is ready and online, more info HERE. A new behind scenes clip from Ísafjörður is uploaded aswell. The film has been posted on, the website that celebrates Baraka and other nonverbal films. I appreciate it alot that they posted it on there because I love this genre of films and […]

Images from Iceland

A nonverbal short film about Iceland´s nature shot during the roadtrip is almost ready, this week or the next I´ll try my best to upload the film to Vimeo. Three more behind scenes clips from the roadtrip are now available HERE. and HERE you can check out Haukur´s photos from the trip, good stuff there..


I´m currently living in a room in downtown Barcelona with Anna. The plan is to study spanish until october when the Filmschool here in Barcelona starts. I´m editing the footage from the roadtrip around Iceland, it will be up on the site shortly along with some more behind scene clips..

Iceland Roadtrip, Updates and Flights.

Well This is our last day in Ísafjörður, north west Iceland. Tonight me and the Americans will fly back to Reykjavik and they will then leave for the United States again. I on the other hand made the spontaneous decision to move to Barcelona on friday. There was a filmjob here in Iceland on the menu […]

On The Road..

We´ve been four days now on the road in Iceland. We drove out of the Capital Reykjavík on monday. So far We´ve camped in Skaftafell, Atlavík in Hallormstaðaskógur, Ásbyrgi and now we are in Akureyri north Iceland. On this route we explored the less known places in Iceland as well, like Þórshöfn, Raufarhöfn and Kópasker. […]