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Upcoming Travels and Projects

I have received the Sony NXCAM NX5 camcorder, she is insanely sexy and the possibilities are endless. To test out the camera + Haukur´s new awesome Canon EOS 7D and the newly upgraded jibcrane and dolly, Me and Haukur, along with the Americans Chris and John are going on a roadtrip around Iceland Starting tomorrow. […]

The “DollyJib Rig”

I spent more time in the garage to make the finishing touches on my jibcrane. I assembled the tiltsystem and tried out the “dollyjib rig” where I put the jibcrane on top of the dolly. More about it HERE. (scroll down after clicking the link.)

Still Building

Yesterday I went back to the garage to upgrade my DIY equipment, I upgraded the cameraseat on the jibcrane, the camera now sits on the top instead of on the side and I built a tilt system for the crane as well. I still have to assemble this new tilt system but the parts are […]

These Are Exiting Times

Behind scene footage from our second trip to the volcano at Eyjafjallajökull is up and ready.  Click HERE to see Daniel talk to his “model” and HERE to experience the ash cloud of the volcano first hand. But now to “gamechanging” news. TrailerPark Studios is growing like never before, I have ordered the brand new […]

A second trip to the Volcano

I recently went up to the volcanic eruptions at Eyjafjallajökull again, this time with the journalist and travel photographer Daniel Jové. We got some nice shots although it was quite cloudy for the bigger part of the day. We drove into the ashcloud that the volcano was spewing over Skógar. It was an interesting experience […]

Timelapse Photography

Here I will post all my tests, thoughts and behind scenes clips of my timelapse making. I find this field of filming very interesting and I´m constantly thinking of new timelapse shots and moves. A few shots of my newest DIY project: The V3 Motion Timelapse Rig [cincopa A4HAmr65uay2] 10 A quick paning timelapse test […]