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Back at home doing nerdy stuff..

Well, now I´m back home in Iceland after a little trip to Austria, I have to say I´m quite satisfied, we drank a lot of my favorite beer, the Austrian Zipfer, we had slushy summery like days  and sunny powder runs in the trees. That was all indeed very nice. But now it´s back to […]


I´m leaving for Austria tomorrow so news from me might be on hold for the next two weeks, and the assembly/test video for my jibcrane will be delayed until after the trip. I put up a little video about how I made my cold shoe adapter though, view it HERE.

Cold shoe adapter

Watch the video below to see how I made an adapter that allows me to use any accessory with my Sony SR1.

Sony HDR-SR1 VS Canon XH-A1

Here is a test I did with the consumer Sony SR1 and the prosumer Canon XH-A1.  The Canon seems to be sharper but the colors from the SR1 are surprisingly vivid though. I think the colors from the Canon are a little cold and blue. I have heard that the auto setting on the Canon are […]

Tests and Tools..

Well first, I put up a test comparing the little Sony SR1 and the Canon XH-A1. I was a little unlucky with the sun as it went behind some light clouds when I was switching cameras on the tripod, It is noticable in the first shots. I apologize but anyway, watch it HERE. Second, I´m […]

DOF Test

Here is the test, the little SR1 holds up to the XH-A1 to some level but the Canon EOS 7D is the obvious winner.