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Iceland, home sweet home..

That´s right I´m in Iceland now, I like Narvik but I just got a little tired of it. The darkness, the expensive food and beer and some work issues got to me but the main bug was the long distance relationship with Anna. So after thinking about all these things I decided to fly home, […]

TPS Theatre

TrailerPark Studios has opened “The Theatre”, this is still under construction and for now just a BETA version and does not work perfectly in all browsers. But I hope (where it works), that it increases your viewing pleasure. Visit the TPS Theatre HERE. We found that Mozilla Firefox has some problems with our Theatre so […]

Northern Norwegian BC

One Saturday morning we decided to wake up early, we wanted to drive to the mountains to find some snow, we were successful. With four shovels, five snowboards,  two tripods, three cameras, four walkie talkies, water, some sandwiches and a track dolly we hiked for a couple of hours into the backcountry. We rode some […]

The Aluminium v1 dolly

I´ve recently built this track dolly and it was successful, it works well. You can build your own if you like, just watch the tutorials below and the tests and you´re good to go. I´ve shot a short film with this dolly as well, check it out HERE. The features: Very lightweight Packable, fits in […]

The Church

I shot this short film of the local church in Narvik, Northern Norway to try out my newly built aluminum track dolly. It was a little challenging because it was freezing outside, the temperature was from -10 to -17°c the three evenings it took me to shoot it. A tutorial how to build a dolly […]