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Problem for Safari users!

It appears that the internet browser Safari does not work well with the website, I don´t know why but I´m trying to fix it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Random news..

My brother Loftur and his girlfriend Sigrún are currently traveling around India, you can check out their blogsite HERE. The site is in Icelandic. I had a little accident at work the other day, I was driving a snowmobile at nighttime, watching the snowcanons when I drove it over some ice in steep terrain, it […]

Getting Memories

Arnþór has edited a little “memory” piece from the Getting There footage, Getting There is a snowboard film we made in Innsbruck 2008. Watch his new clip below… Or watch the whole film HERE.

TrailerPark Studios grows.

A new TrailerPark Studios blogsite has aired. The old one was getting a little tired. My focus on things has changed as well, was all about stories from traveling, snowboarding, drinking cheap beer, eating cup noodles in wierd places and I happened to have my videocamera with me at all times. Now don´t […]