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New look and feel to our webpage!

New look and feel to our webpage!

Finally we managed to update our webpage, it was about time. We got a brand new look and feel to it and we hope you like it. We will work further to improve our webpage in the near future.

HEILD, The Production

I received an email from my producer in the USA, Barbro Rakos.. She is working with various publishing firms and companies from around the world, I´ll let the letter talk for itself.   YAY!!!!!!!! This is great news!!!   So I guess I need to follow up pretty much right away. I’m on this.   […]


Hey, merry christmas, Happy new year and all that!!,2013 is here. The long blog-silence is because editing a film takes insane amount of work, but at the same time maybe not that storytelling worthy. It´s going great though, the intro is almost ready(after about two months of CGI learning and animating) and the film itself […]

Fjallabræður – Þjóðlag

Last night Fjallabrædur premiered my 8:30min video to their song on a cinema screen, the song is called Iceland. The final version of it will include recordings of voices of around 30.000 people or 10% of the population in Iceland. The event last night took place in Háskólabío, in two different shows, each holding around […]

Editing, shooting, shooting more and editing.

Editing, shooting, shooting more and editing.

Still editing HEILD but I also now have a deadline on a 10min music video for Fjallabraedur choir. They´ve recorded 10% of the population of Iceland singing in their newest song called “Þjóðlagið” or Nation-song. I´ll have it ready in late november. The whole project(visuals and song) will be premiered in Kastljós in its full […]

Editing on HElLD has begun.

As the title of this post implies, the post production on HEILD has begun, and what an enormous puzzle that this project is, cinematography for the film has now taken more than 1.5 years. The post production is scheduled to take another 6 months. Maybe not that news-worthy and exiting to read, simply an enormous […]