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The Sony NXCAM Fs700E Super 35 Camcorder, check.

The Sony NXCAM Fs700E Super 35 Camcorder, check.

Today TrailerPark Studios received (co-owned with Gunnar Konrads) a Sony NXCAM Fs700 super 35 camcorder. nr 2 in scandinavia and unit nr 15 in the world. This camera is most definitely a huge level up for us at TPS, it is 4K ready(future firmware), super 35 cinemastyle sensor, interchangeable lens system and it shoots FullHD […]

Stereoscopic 3D Project

I wanted to write about the descent into Thrihnukagigur volcano but due to extreme lack of time I haven´t managed it yet.. I have a lot of footage from the magma chamber but didn´t get one shot that I need. So I´m hopefully going down again this summer, not sure when though. I´ll write about […]

Thrihnjukagigur Decent

Today at 12:00 sharp we will venture into an ancient magma chamber of a volcano, into the Thrihnjukagigur volcano. This camber seems to be the only place in the world to view a volcano from the inside. We´ll decend 120meters below the surface and try to capture the decent and the camber itself with our […]


Please by all means, check this out: Invulnerable very exiting, more info comes later….

The Gimball

The Gimball is a 12v motorized HDD gyroscope driven car-mount. It´s equipped with a three-piece suction cup to mount on glass, cars and other flat surfaces. Comes also with the ability to mount on all tripods. There is one hard disk drive for each axis which lets the mount “float”. This gadget will be used in […]