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Tröllaskagi/ The Trolls Peninsula

We came back from Olafsfjordur in Tröllaskagi late last night. We got good footage for HEILD from this trip, as well as a super fun time, snowmobiling in the backcountry, amazing mountains, beautiful sunny and calm weather, and most importantly, great light. Below in the gallery are a few shots of this trip. TPS owns […]


We at TPS are going north to Tröllaskagi tomorrow, on a snowmobile/surf/heli mission. So some exiting news and shots might be available here after the 10th of may. A german article focusing on an art project a friend of mine did. A collapsable chair here at the coast in west Reykjavik, Me and Balli (the […]

Back to the Origin.

whats up?, actually a lot is up, I´m currently editing the footage from the Mountain Brother Misson, going slow but steady. I most definitely have a new huge job in august, a meeting is scheduled in Höfn(where the project takes place) this month. 5 – 10th of may me and Helgi are joining my good […]

The MountainBrother Mission

We´re currently in the Westfjords Iceland filming a music video for Fjallabræður, or in english Mountain Brothers, a 50 men choir from all around west Iceland. Shooting is scheduled 10 days. The light was really good yesterday so we shot for about 17 hours almost straight and got a load of good footage. Filmed extensively […]

Incoming Projects & Plans

Everything is boiling with TPS these days as more and more projects are coming into play. As noted before the big Fjallabrædur project is in pre-production, (a meeting scheduled on monday) two ongoing projects in cooperation with Borgarmynd Ehf. A short docu about the artists making a totally awesome map of whole Iceland… made by […]

The Custom Rod Support System

This is a rail system I built the other day mainly to hold the Hasselblad 500mm lens I have access to. But also built with international measurements for fitting matte boxes, follow focus systems, monitor mounts etc. It´s all aluminium and fully ajustable, height and horizontal position of camera as well as horizontal position of […]