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The V2 “Hollywooder” Dolly

The V2 aka The “Hollywooder” is a full size dolly with an removable operator seat. It is designed with rotatable axles, so it allows being used on both straight and curved tracks. As of yet we only have straight aluminum frame tubes that stretch to 4.5m. The curved tracking comes later. The V2 is built solely […]

More Snow, Tests & Tools

As probably noted before, I´m a big fan of the garage and keeping myself busy building various DIY projects between shooting videos. I built the V2 Dolly along with Boggi last summer but didn´t have time to finish the tracks nor make a video on it until now, so HERE it is. I also finished […]

Out Cold

The shooting for the film HEILD goes on, mainly focusing on shooting at night. Northern lights and starry skies. we´re also testing out a new element with a super telephoto lens I borrowed from a friend, a Hasselblad 250mm with doubler = 500mm zoom. this “canon” of a lens is awesome and I want to […]

Macs, Snowstorms and Deals

I´ve finally converted to Mac, thanks to an awesome cooperation with Macland. They offered me a great deal on a specialized 15″ Macbook Pro i7 2.5 quad core laptop, and wow what a workhorse!,(further details on the beast HERE) all my exporting and rendering just got 10x times faster than before. Converting to Mac means […]


HEILD translates into Totality and is a non-narrative film featuring the country of my origin. Iceland. The film focuses on all aspects of it´s unique and diverse nature, it´s entire nation and culture. The goal with this film is to present Iceland in a way it has never been presented before, using many elements of […]


I´ll name this post “Totality” because I´m throwing out this and that in it, but mainly because it´s the name of my current project.. or at least in English. The original title is in Icelandic:  “HEILD”. I´ve been working on the trailer for this project for the past weeks, in cooperation with Box Of Toys […]