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This and That

I´ve been thinking more about the bullet time idea, we´re hopefully taking the process to the next level as we “supposably” have gotten a budget to buy all of the dslr´s that we need, funded by another project I´m involved in, a huge big budget documentary, more about that later as the process continues. But […]

Doing a Job

Yesterday I did a job for my father in law, shooting a little promoting video for a huge dryer he build along with his brother.. I used my jibcrane in this shoot and took a few BTS shots of it, with all of it´s newest accessories, available below. [cincopa AsDAstKM4Gt8]

TPS Studio

We are moving into an office emerged with my friends at Borgarmynd Ehf which produced THIS amazing map of Reykjavik´s city center. There I have 24/7 access to a desk which I´m going to gear up with LCD screens, hard drives and such.. Good to be able to take work out of the home. These […]

Planing And Shooting Surf

Tomorrow Me and Helgi will join our friends Ingo and Elli for a roadtrip east, there are plans on having a surf sequence in my film and these guys are probably Iceland´s most experienced surfers, so I´m hoping for the natural light, correct wind direction and “the big swell” for this trip. Once again the […]

Awake for a Week

I´m currently in Reykjavik and there happened to be sunny, clear blue skies and in the night time bright stars, a full moon and amazing northen lights for almost a week, Of course I took advantage of the conditions and stayed out all nights in and around Þingvellir and shot motion astro timelapses with the […]

Cooperation, TV And Still Shooting

I´m back from a week film-trip in North Iceland with great company and assistance from my awesome mom. The weather could have been better but I definitely shot some usable footage for my film. Which by the way has a new working title..”The Play Of Light” or in Icelandic..”Leikrit LjóSsins” I´m happy to announce that […]