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Out Again Shooting

We are out once again, the third trip this summer. currently writing this blogpost on my android phone stationed in a Camping ground in near Hvammstangi northwest iceland. There is one location on this peninsula that I’m interested in, it’s a rock that an island in high tide but land in low tide. The rock […]

Shooting The Film

We(me and my filmcrew) are currently in our “assumingly” last location on this trip, We´re in Ísafjörður, the capital of the Westfjords, Iceland. Our month long roadtrip(split in two parts) is coming to an end, first half in july went okay with a little too much bad weather and light but we got some good […]

The V3 Motorized Dolly

The V3 aka Dolly Parton is together with my merlin telescope mount a 3-axis motorized timelapse dolly. It´s driven by a worm geared windshield motor from an old car and pulled back and forth using the “omega drive” method using abec 7 skatewheel bearings, a belt and the main pulley. The rig is operated from […]

Delays and Dollies

We started the roadtrip on the 9th as planed, I did one 2-axis shot on the new V3 with the 5DMKII mounted on top  and a short shooting session on the Nxcam in Landmannalaugar. First day of shooting nature for Natural Lights went great, the second?… not so much. I took a bath in Landmannalaugar´s […]

Very Busy..

I´m insanely busy at the moment, the roadtrip starts this weekend and I´m struggling to finish the V2 and V3 dollies in time. When I´m not sleeping, I´m d0wn in the garage building..  I´ll post some pics from these projects soon.. Update: The roadtrip for the shooting of NaturaLights(working title) will start on saturday 9th […]