Out Cold

The shooting for the film HEILD goes on, mainly focusing on shooting at night. Northern lights and starry skies. we´re also testing out a new element with a super telephoto lens I borrowed from a friend, a Hasselblad 250mm with doubler = 500mm zoom. this “canon” of a lens is awesome and I want to use it to shoot the “Koyaanisqatsi signature move” where a subject is far away and zoomed in with a huge moon in the backround. Me and Loftur made some tests using this method the other day while shooting a northern light timelapse. The results are promising but I´ll have to work on getting these shots sharp and with less haze. In the shots below one can see these shots were taken at moonset in the night but I also want to try this element out during day time with a white/grayish huge moon and blue sky.

There are two other projects on the menu now, one where I´ll be the DOP in a graduate student´s short film this weekend. He is finishing his film studies at the Icelandic filmschool. And another much bigger project is coming up in febuary, An epic nature/music video for an unconventional choir of 50 men and two bands called Fjallabræður or “Mountain Brothers”. This video will be filmed in a 10 day roadtrip around the country. Looking forward to shooting this thing. There is talk about other projects as well but nothing clear on those yet.

Finally a status on my physical state, I´ve retired the wheelchair outside of my home, I´m always on my leg-braces now walking around with cruches, for me this configuration works better and is of course the road to the ultimate full recovery of my T-12 incomplete spinal cord injury (SCI) I suffered from a year ago. Also in process is applying for the first electric stance-control orthoses in Iceland which allow me to bend my knees while walking controlled by sensors and a micro-processor, a true game-changer for me. I found them in USA after extensive research on the internet, I thought they didn´t exist but fortunately they do. More on them HERE.

Below are a few shots of a nightshot session with my brother Loftur a while ago..

[cincopa A4OAyyqzojHQ]


  1. sælir dóri og takk, ég er mjög spenntur fyrir þessum tungl skotum, er búnað smíða svona support rail-system til að m.a halda á hasselblad linsunni, þannig að nú verður hægt að gera þetta almennilega..

    verkefnin eru spennandi, fjallabræðra verkefnið sérstaklega, þetta virðist ætla verða þvílíkur pakki maður..og vá hvað ég get ekki beðið eftir svona tölvustýrðum spelkum, það verður epískt að geta beygt hnén í labbi…

    hey dóri, ég var að spá hvort þú værir til í job? ég sendi þér email von bráðar…


  2. Snilldar rammar! 🙂 Las þetta einhverntíman í janúar á símanum og ætlaði alltaf að setjast niður og skrifa komment! Hljóma spennandi þessi verkefni og þessar spelkur eru eins og eitthvað úr SCI-Fi 😀

    Kv. Dóri.

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