Planing And Shooting Surf

Tomorrow Me and Helgi will join our friends Ingo and Elli for a roadtrip east, there are plans on having a surf sequence in my film and these guys are probably Iceland´s most experienced surfers, so I´m hoping for the natural light, correct wind direction and “the big swell” for this trip. Once again the ride of the trip is going to be my beloved Baltasar packed with all my filmgear. Heads up and hopefully some footage, surf or other kind next weekend.

My situation and our work was featured on the national television in Iceland today on primetime.. It can be watched streaming online HERE. There´s a glimpse of the work I´ve been shooting lately during good night conditions, with full moon and northen lights.. But the quality in this online stream is on the other hand nothing to jump in the air for so I recommend just waiting for the film =).

I´ve been researching the possibility of building a “bullet-time rig”, this is as of yet just in a total “fetus” stage but a very interesting idea and would be an indeed exiting element to add to the film, I´ve been thinking about this because Ingo has access to about 20 Go Pro Heroes. Now building the rig itself would not be the main issue, but rather plugging the cameras together and trigger the whole system.. More thoughts about this idea later.

Below are a few photos from recent shooting and the first 5 GoPros I received for testing the “bullet-time” idea..

[cincopa AwKAHs64aSJa]

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