We´re now about a month into shooting for the Project, we´re filming most days, at least when it´s partly sunny or blue skies, or when the light is right. We´ve been shooting a lot of timelapses on the 5DMarkII lately for the “city sequence” of the film. We still have about two weeks left of the “in-town” shooting and then in july we´ll move to the countryside for an epic roadtrip. I´m a little behind on posting the BTS stuff due to the amount of filming and reviewing footage, but I´ll make time and upload something soon.

I´ve landed a contract with Red Marble Media Inc. and AETN a production company and a TV network situated in the big apple or New York. They´re buying material from most of my recent videos as archival footage for their current production,(I don´t know if I´m allowed to publish the title yet) but it will be interesting to see which of my shots will ultimately be used in the final version of their project.

I might start a collaboration with an audio company based in London, England. We´re still talking and pitching ideas around but they´ve been showing interest in composing the music score and sound effects for my film. I´ve heard demos from their CV and it is save to say that I was deeply impressed.


  1. jamms, ég held ég sé með það samt..

  2. okkur vantar “working title” á þetta project…

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