Random news..

My brother Loftur and his girlfriend Sigrún are currently traveling around India, you can check out their blogsite HERE. The site is in Icelandic.

I had a little accident at work the other day, I was driving a snowmobile at nighttime, watching the snowcanons when I drove it over some ice in steep terrain, it slipped and rolled over me, I hurt my left ankle a little, so now I had some healing time off for a few days, finished my new aluminum track dolly and did some tests with it.. the “how to build tutorial” and the tests will be up on the website soon.


  1. I had tried updated the driver of my Ethernet adapter by myself, but “SiSoft Sandra” said I still had a problem. However, with your instructions here, I was able to fix this problem soon. Better yet, my computer is more stable now!

  2. just to break all laws of physics. you’re all getting there!

  3. hehe thanks, við erum að vinna núna í þessu á fullu, síðan breytist á 5mín fresti…

  4. fíla nýja lúkkið.

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