On The Road..

We´ve been four days now on the road in Iceland. We drove out of the Capital Reykjavík on monday. So far We´ve camped in Skaftafell, Atlavík in Hallormstaðaskógur, Ásbyrgi and now we are in Akureyri north Iceland. On this route we explored the less known places in Iceland as well, like Þórshöfn, Raufarhöfn and Kópasker. It was interresting to visit these remote places just to see how life works up there, but to live there..hmm naa, not for me.

We´ve been experimenting with the new filmmaking gear and got some very nice results, the nicest shots I captured so far were shot in Ásbyrgi during the midnight sun and in Mývatn. I´ve been shooting in 720 60p and 1080 24p, the 1080p from the NXCAM is silken, a format that I have fallen in love with. The quality is stunning. Especially if you customize the image using picture profiles. The cinematic shallow depth of field shots from Haukur´s 7D are also very nice looking.

Next up, Ísafjörður, Westfjords. Obviously we´ll continue shooting and of course there are loads of behind scenes footage coming up so stay tuned…


  1. hehe það hefði verið svo nice að hafa þig með maður, við erum núna á Ísafirði að timelapsa allt í drasl..

  2. Hefdi ekkert haft á móti ad taka thátt í thessu ævintýri! 🙂 Kv. Dóri.

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