Sony HDR-SR1 VS Canon XH-A1

Here is a test I did with the consumer Sony SR1 and the prosumer Canon XH-A1.  The Canon seems to be sharper but the colors from the SR1 are surprisingly vivid though. I think the colors from the Canon are a little cold and blue. I have heard that the auto setting on the Canon are not so good but when you fiddle with the manual controls on it, magic can happen.

Both camcorders were adjusted to full automatic settings.


  1. ég var nokkuð viss um að ég setti allt á auto, whitebalance meðtalið.. en kannski er ég að fara með fleipur og setti hana óvart í indoor í einhverju óðagoti hehe..

  2. I’ would say something’s up with the white-balance on the Canon cam… 🙂
    Seems to me as if it was set to indoor lighting.

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