Stereoscopic 3D Project

I wanted to write about the descent into Thrihnukagigur volcano but due to extreme lack of time I haven´t managed it yet.. I have a lot of footage from the magma chamber but didn´t get one shot that I need. So I´m hopefully going down again this summer, not sure when though. I´ll write about the chamber when I have more time. These days we´re shooting in east Iceland a stereoscopic 3D project, both real time footage and timelapses, on two 5D Mark II´s. We had some complications due to the fact that the whole rig is our own design and build. But we got some 3D footage that looks very nice. We´re currently in Reykjavik but we´ll venture back east in a week or so. Below is a behind the scenes video of our shooting for the 3D project and some shots from the trip. Our friend Gunnar Konrads is working on this project with us at TPS.

Finally the Polaris quadbike has arrived, huge thanks goes to Polaris Iceland, Jon Gunnar Benjaminson and Borgthor Stefansson for making this a reality. I used it for the first time in the east and it was awesome. Pictures of the quad below.

[cincopa AkDAC5KsePOu]

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