Still Building

Yesterday I went back to the garage to upgrade my DIY equipment, I upgraded the cameraseat on the jibcrane, the camera now sits on the top instead of on the side and I built a tilt system for the crane as well. I still have to assemble this new tilt system but the parts are cut, drilled and welded. I also extended the tracks for my dolly, they´re now twice as long than before(around 3m) but detachable so I still fit everything into my Burton Chamber snowboard bag which is 160cm in length. Some visual info of the upgraded gear will be available on the site shortly.

Another thing I need are some kind of rubber pads with glue on one side. Still don´t quite know where to get them but when I find them or something similar I´ll be able to place the jibcrane on top of the dolly track and use all of my custom gear in one rig. I´m looking forward to try that idea out and hopefully get some new exiting moves.


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