Tests and Tools..

Well first, I put up a test comparing the little Sony SR1 and the Canon XH-A1. I was a little unlucky with the sun as it went behind some light clouds when I was switching cameras on the tripod, It is noticable in the first shots. I apologize but anyway, watch it HERE.

Second, I´m currently rendering another short video about how I made my cold shoe adapter for accessories and how it works.  It will be online shortly.

Third, I finished the building process of my jib crane today. The original design that I was planing in the beginning was just to buy aluminum square pipes that go into each other, drill a few holes in them and put bolts through. But I wasn´t satisfied, it was to much of a hassle to unfold/fold the crane.  So I came up with another better system.

I didn´t have too much time in the garage where I was building so I didn´t do a proper tutorial how the jib got built but I took some pictures and soon I will make a complete assembly and test video with it.

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