Testshoots and Visitor Records

I´m happy to announce that this website just broke the 100.000 hits barrier!.. next barrier to break is the one million mark but that might take some time. Maybe we go big and give away a TPS t-shirt to the visitor with the 1 millionth hit hehe, who knows.. time will tell.

Anyway, I´ve been running some tests with the NXCAM lately, I started testing it´s lowlight capabilities using different gain levels. View the short clip HERE.

I also ran another test, perhaps a bit more interesting than the gain test, in this one I used my jibcrane on top of the track dolly, aka the “DollyJib Rig” and made some moves, the possibilities are quite promising using this technique. Would love to take this setup out on a stunning location someday, and have an epic shoot session. This test can be viewed HERE. (scroll down after clicking the link.)

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