The Gimball

The Gimball is a 12v motorized HDD gyroscope driven car-mount. It´s equipped with a three-piece suction cup to mount on glass, cars and other flat surfaces. Comes also with the ability to mount on all tripods. There is one hard disk drive for each axis which lets the mount “float”. This gadget will be used in car mounted timelapses and videos, on ships, aerial footage and any other situations where stabilization is required.

  • Three piece suction cup with strong vacuum power.
  • Driven on 5 and 12 volts (strange but both needed).
  • Two axis stabilize motion, pan and tilt.
  • 7200rpm hard drives work as gyroscopes.
  • Can be used on suction cups or tripods.
  • Normal camera theads, ready for any application.
[cincopa AQNAc4KPAB8S]


  1. Er búinn ad vera ad bída eftir test footage-i med thessari græju!

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