The MountainBrother Mission

We´re currently in the Westfjords Iceland filming a music video for Fjallabræður, or in english Mountain Brothers, a 50 men choir from all around west Iceland. Shooting is scheduled 10 days. The light was really good yesterday so we shot for about 17 hours almost straight and got a load of good footage. Filmed extensively today as well but the clouds have rolled in and they´re forecasting some shit for the next days. Hope their wrong. We were also hired to shoot people inside singing, as of now we´we shot local village choirs and groups of around 400 people. There is a chorus in the song where the mountain brothers want “all of Iceland to sing”. Their aim is to record many thousand people and play every recording together for an epic outcome.

Just before this job I managed to get my newest gadget ready, a motorized HDD gyro stabilized car-mount, aka “The Gimball”. It is a mount where the camera sits on two different floating axes, (tilt and pan). Mounted on both of them are old 40Gb 7200 rpm hard drives, which serve as gyroscopes, hence let the mount “float”. The system is powered by a 12volt battery and sits on a three-piece triangle vacum suction cup made to hold heavy glass. The gimball also mounts on a tripod with normal 1/4 inch threads. I wanted to use this mount to film Látrabjarg and other interesting locations from the sea on the ship that is our two day ride from Patreksfjörður to Stykkishólmur next week. But I made it also to use on the hood of a car to shoot “drivelapses”. We shot the first one with my new sigma prime 24mm 1.8 at night driving super slow last night. This test shot was not glitch free but features some nice moon lit landscape, stars and northen lights. I´m happy with the results although the mount might need an upgrade. As of now it´s a prototype. But overall it performed well, apparently the HDD´s work as gyros. Cheap and effective.

We were hired by Sagafilm to shoot some timelapse material for the 2012 Icelandic Eurovision music video, the result can be viewed HERE. Or below

Finally I sold some footage from the short “Herbstwald” to an Axe Deodorant advertisement, made by a company in Singapore, the ad will appear online, in TV and cinemas somewhere around Asia soon. Got to love easy money like that.

Photos of “The Gimball” and some general BTS footage is scheduled soon. When time is a little less of the essence.

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